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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. - What are eCPoints and what are for?

eCPoints are the virtual currency of eCGlobal. You can earn by participating in research or sponsored challenges. You can accumulate to exchange for money making a transfer to your PayPal account.

1.1 - What eCPoints worth in cash?

If you want to make the switch from eCPoints to money for been transfer to your PayPal, 100 eCPoints worth USD $ 1.00.

1.2 - All research eCPoints worth?

Not all surveys worth eCPoints. Notice what kind of score or award is involved when starting a search.

1.3 - Activities also worth eCPoints?

No. The OpinionsApp activities serve to know better your preferences and opinions. The better we understand your profile, we can send you more sponsored research targeted to your interests, which are worth eCPoints.

2. - Why I do not see new sponsored research?

The sponsored research are displayed by sponsors’ demands of and according to your profile.

3. - Why I do not see new challenges?

Challenges are displayed by the sponsors’ demands and according to your profile.

4. - Can I exchange my eCPoints for money?

You can exchange your eCPoints for money by requesting a transfer to your PayPal account.

5. - How long for the transfer to be made ​​to my PayPal?

When performing a transfer request to PayPal, you must wait for the process of analysis, validation and release the money into your PayPal account. This process takes up to 15 business days, and may happen before.

6. - Can I trade my eCPoints for other products?

You can also trade your eCPoints for cell phone credits, available in various amounts and for Vivo, Claro, Oi and Tim carriers.

7. - How long does it take for the cell phone credits to be available?

After you request the transfer of credits for your cell phone, the process can take up to 15 business days, in some cases it can happen earlier.

8. - How does the Top Members of the Month works?

The Top Members of the Month are the 3 users that gathered most Diamonds and Likes in their comments in that month. The Top Members of the Month earn 200, 100 and 50 eCPoints respectively.

9. - How does the Top Members of the Week works?

Every week the users that had the best performance can also become Top Members. Each week we have 3 Top Members users that earn 100, 50, 30 eCPoints respectively. The Top Members are always anounced on the first friday of the following month.

10. - What is Opinon Score?

Opinion Score is a number between 0 and 1,000 that represents the power of your opinions. The more people and brands are engaged and influenced by your opinions the higher your Opinion Score. Learn more about your Opinion Score.